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Are you an existing, or soon-to-be business owner?

Selecting the right space for your business can mean the difference between success and failure.  When most business owners start the search to find a space, they have two basic criteria.  They are looking for a space that is cheap, and empty.

The Difference

National retail businesses spend thousands of dollars per year researching the best location for their business.  While it is important that the space be available and affordable, there are many other factors to consider.  That’s where we come in.


My Goal

My goal is to use my 15 years of experience in leasing retail space to help turn business owners (you) into informed negotiators in the world of commercial real estate.


What My Clients Say

“When my husband and I met with Mark we were just looking to find a location for our new small business, but Mark wanted to understand everything about our business plan, our projections and what we wanted to get out of the whole venture.  It was very interesting to have someone I just met be so immediately vested in our future. I truly believe he wants us to succeed and is continuously thinking of new ways to help us grow.”

– Carissa (Branching Out Bottle Shop)

Mark was an advocate for my small business vision from day one. Unexpectedly I had an opportunity to open and run a business and I called on Mark for advice on how to go about it. From that moment, he met with me and helped me shape my venture. Not only was he very detailed and honest, he vouched for me with business contacts and helped me make the right connections to succeed. I truly could not have done it without Mark's guidance & support!

- Kristin - Sugar and Co.


Let’s Get Started

Whether you are getting ready to open your first location, or looking to expand your current operation, you have come to the right place.  Shoot me an email at to get started!

Some Of The Clients We Have Had The Pleasure Of Working With

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