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Virtual Director Of Real Estate

It is hard enough to manage one location while operating a successful business, let alone several locations.  Cardone Consulting has become a trusted advisor to national and regional multi-unit businesses and franchisees, helping them keep a handle on all the strategic and day-to-day tasks that come along with leasing commercial space.  

Our Virtual Director Of Real Estate Services Include:
  • Option Period and Renewal Date Tracking - Miss an option notice date and you could lose control of your space.  Our team will notify you before your option period or renewal is due and provide a full market report so you can negotiate with your best foot forward.  

  • Maintenance Responsibility Management - Responsible for routine HVAC maintenance, grease trap cleanouts, and other tasks in your space?  Our team will track when these things have to be done, find you the best prices in your market, and keep your landlord notified to any issues that require their attention.  

  • Existing Store Evaluation - On a annual basis we will review each store to determine if investment is needed. You must reinvest in your profitable stores to ensure they remain profitable. We can help determine if the store should be relocated, expanded, or remodeled.

  • New Store Development - Our team can analyze new potential sites, while keeping you informed of potential aquisition or excess space opportunities in your desired markets.  

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