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Location Selection Services

The Location You Choose Plays A Key Role In The Success Of Your Business.

Many businesses approach commercial real estate by asking one simple question: "What is the best space available that fits my budget."  While price is an important part in searching for commercial real estate, there are several other factors that successful businesses look at when choosing a location.   Cardone Consulting offers a strategic approach focused on three key areas:

Customer Identification

Co-Tenant Synergy

Sales Projections and Budget

Just because someone has hair, does not make them a prospect for every hair salon in the country.  Knowing your customer and their shopping habits is the first step to site selection.

Good fences make good neighbors, but in commercial real estate selection, bad neighbors make bad business.  Discover which neighboring businesses will help your business thrive.  

"Lowest rent" is not always the best deal.  Knowing your sales projection and how it relates to your real estate budget is essential information.  

Contact us today for a free consultation and find out which space is the best space for your business.  

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