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One Question To Ask Yourself This Week?

Ready to revive your passion for what you do? Answer this one question....

Maybe you have been in business for 10 years, or maybe 10 minutes, but either way, its likely that you have found yourself in a rut before. I remember messaging back and forth with a close friend when I was in one of these ruts, and his advice to me was to "remember my why."

While your reason for doing what you do is important, I truly think the word "why" has been used in so many different places and in so many different context, that it really loses some of its meaning. If I am being honest, on a normal basis when I ask myself "why am I doing this" it usually contains the word "still" and is usually followed by some not-so-positive answers.

The better question to ask is, "What is your castle?"

To explain, I am going to try to retell the story of the three brick layers. This is going to be highly paraphrased, but I will do my absolute best. Stay with me!

Christopher Wren was walking around, and he saw a man laying bricks. When asked what he was doing, the first man replied, "I am laying bricks to feed my family." This man knew his why. Food on the table. Sometimes owning a business feels this way. We are doing "the things" to make "the money."

Then, he came upon a second man laying bricks. When asked what he was doing, the second man replied, "I am buidling a wall." Have you ever had those days when you feel ambitious? Those days when you not only do the job, but you get most of the way through your entire to-do list. You not only laid some bricks, but you built an entire wall. Thats a good day.

Finally, he came upon a third man laying bricks. When asked what he was doing, the third man replied, "I am building a castle." Now that's some serious vision. Have you ever had a day when its less about the tasks, or the job, or the money...and more about the big picture and the vision? Now those are the best days. The days when you remember your purpose.

Take some time this week to really remember not just "why" you do what you do, but why you do what you do is important. You aren't giving a are helping people look better for their first day of work or other special occassions. You aren't just delivering a pizza. You are contributing to family meal time. You arent just selling are preventing a pantsless problem!

Regardless of what you sell, what you do is important and brings REAL value to those who need you. Find your purpose and reignite your passion!

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